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Nutritional therapy in traumatic brain injury.
Update 2012
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Severe hypernatremia. Case report, pathophysiology and therapy
Author(s): Schneider A (Schneider, A.); Reiner M (Reiner, M.); Kolibay F (Kolibay, F.)
Source: ANAESTHESIST Volume: 61 Issue: 12 Pages: 1054-1058
Published: DEC 2012

 A novel strategy for intrastriatal dopaminergic cell transplantation: Sequential "nest" grafting influences survival and behavioral recovery in a rat model of Parkinson's disease
Author(s): Timmer M (Timmer, Marco); Nikkhah G (Nikkhah, Guido)
Source: EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH Volume: 318 Pages: 2531-2542 DOI:  Published: DEC 10 2012


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